Must read: Rolex Stella Dials – Stars of the Show

Rolex Day-Date 1803

I have posted so many Stella dials in the past two months it is almost refreshing to see a regular dial like the one posted below.. But Rolex Day-Date collecting is nothing without the Stella dial.. And this time the highly regarded Meehna Goldsmith wrote a nice article on Christie’s Longitude.. Worth your time!

Spotted: great pair at AQ’s May 2013 auction

Rolex Day-Date 1804 & 1807
Rolex Day-Date 1804 & 1807

Spotted: to-die-for Rolex Day-Date 1804 in platinum with big diamond dial and Rolex Day-Date 1807 with stella dial and bark Jubilee.

Two great pieces. The big diamond dial is a real stunner.. But the 1807 ain’t too shabby either; great Stella dial and matching Jubilee, which is a somewhat rare sight. Killer.

Please check out the full catalogue at: . Stunning watches to be seen!