Must read: John Goldberger – Insights from a true connoisseur

John Goldberger by LME
John Goldberger by LME

Must read: John Goldberger – Insights from a true connoisseur

Of course I wanted to write a small introduction but I couldn’t have done a better job than the guys over at Le Monde Edmond.. Go read it. Now.

Must read(s): Rolex Basel 2013 Day-Date

Rolex Day-Date Basel 2013
Rolex Day-Date Basel 2013 by

Must read: BaselWorld 2013 Rolex Novelties by Watch-Insider.

Must read: Rolex Brochure Nouveautes Baselworld 2013 (Parlez plus lentement, s’il vous plaît...)

While most of us where focussed on the expected Daytona news, Rolex had another surprise for us with these new Day-Dates. A few quick thoughts;

First – the return of the leather strap Day-Date! As can be seen in the vintage price lists (filed under documents), the Day-Date was once available on either bracelet or with two leather straps with one single buckle. Gold Datejusts where/are (not too sure..) available with leather straps, but these where fitted with some kind of half link attached to the case, which made for quite an unsual look. The new Day-Dates do not have the same case as their bracelet-brothers, but the overall design is much more elegant and refined than the one found on the 18k leather Datejusts.

Second – do these remind you of anyting? Stella perhaps? Seemingly Rolex was inspired by the Stella-craze of the past few years.. And rightfully so! I love the colours and matching straps.. Very funky.

Sadly I won’t be in Basel ’till next Monday but if possible, I’ll try to shoot some pics.. Crazy schedule though!

Must read: Rolex Stella Dials – Stars of the Show

Rolex Day-Date 1803

I have posted so many Stella dials in the past two months it is almost refreshing to see a regular dial like the one posted below.. But Rolex Day-Date collecting is nothing without the Stella dial.. And this time the highly regarded Meehna Goldsmith wrote a nice article on Christie’s Longitude.. Worth your time!

Must read: Rolex Passion Meeting Hong Kong

Rolex group shot
Rolex group shot

Must read: Rolex Passion Report of Asia vintage Rolex collectors Passion Meeting in Hong Kong

Such a striking article. Great watches, great style. And quite a few familiar faces. A blast-from-the-past-must-read – that is, if you haven’t already. Not that many DD pictures, but I’ll assume for this one time only that you love vintage Rolex in general.. And in the pic above alone, you might recognize quite a few that have been featured on earlier. Enjoy!

Must read: Day Date Referenz 1803

Rolex Day-Date 1803
Rolex Day-Date 1803

Must read: Rolex Day-Date Referenz 1803 by friend Boris Pjanic.

Brush up your German – it’s worth the read. Awesome watch with superb provenance.

Rolex: Day Date Referenz 1803